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İsfanbul is the only a shopping, entertainment and life complex in world and in Turkey that merged a theme park, shopping mall and exhibiton center together and it opened its doors to visitors on May 26th, 2013 with 650 million dollars investment value. İsfanbul is built on an area with size of 100 football fields, it targets all ages and enjoyment groups with a wide brand array as it has 110 thousand square meters of rentable commercial area on its shopping streets. The İsfanbul chateu rises at the entrance of İsfanbul theme park with all its magnificence on 200.000 square meters area and it opens doors to a fairy tale world to its visitors. The exhibition centers is 100 thousand square meters and it has many activity areas that address large scale audiences with a concert area for 15 thousand people, a wide green field and a pond.
Telefun Advertisement Sales and Marketing A.Ş. provides sales and marketing of interactive, mobile and traditional commercial channels and it is an authorized business partner of İsfanbul as it has all exclusive advertisement and sponsorhip rights of İsfanbul.
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