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In general İsfanbul, there are 150 double faced, total 300 fixed faces. CLPs are located as general in İsfanbul, they are sold in weekly periods as 75 face (maxi), 50 face (Midi) and 25 face (Mini) networks. The banners should be delivered until 12.00 on Monday. They are put up on Monday evenings after the shopping mall is closed. The sizes of CLPs are 118x175 cms.

There are 10 totems in İsfanbul as 5 of them are at carpark area and 5 of them are on the way. Totems are sold in monthly periods. The height of totems is 15 meters and the sizes are 6 m x 3 m.

Wall Board
There are 3 wall boards in the shopping mall. Wall boards are rented in monthly periods. The size is 4 m x 2 m.

12 elevator doors in AVM can be covered with special production. The elevators are rented in monthly periods.

There are 64 ekrans with 47” size in the shopping mall which give close circuit broadcoast service. The advertisements are broadcasted with 10 seconds length with 150 frequency everyday and the sales period is monthly.

Led Screen
There is one LED Screen in İsfanbul. The sales period is monthly. The size of the LED Screen is 73m x 1.28m. Advertisements are broadcasted with 10 seconds length with 150 frequency everyday.

There are 12 escalators in İsfanbul with different locations. The escalators are sold in monthly periods.

Interactive Applications
Telefun provides service to events of several brands with its mobile competition infrastructure. It possible to organize interactive competitions in İsfanbul by using screens. Please click for detailed information on the topic.