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  • • Pre-show projection before riding the toys.
  • • Logo and branding opportunities for general game units.
  • • Picture sponsorships.
    (Sharing from social media accounts of the participants with free shooting and immediate brand visual)
  • • Opportunity of pree products or samplings.
  • • İsfanbul VIP passes with entrance right to CEO and CEO’s guests.
  • • Free tickets in different numbers.
  • • Opportunity of discounted tickets for sponsor employees.
  • • Visual on İsfanbul map that will be given to visitors of the park.
  • • Logo and link directing in sponsors section of the web page.
  • • Right of broadcasting with 150 frequency, 10 seconds length videos during the sponsorship period in the plasma screens of the shopping mall.
  • • Advertisement usage right connected to sponsorship package in CLP racket network.

Here are the certain game units in İsfanbul:

The entrance of the theme park is the giat Chateu. Chateu is at most central location of all İsfanbul and at an aspect can bee seen from everywhere easily. The square at the entrance of the Chateu is located to host many different events. Project mapping can be organized over the Chateu, at the closing time of İsfanbul and related installations can be made related to it.

Everyone is on the line for it in entire world! Make yourself confortable in Breathtaker as it invites you to the real fun with speed exceeding 100 km in three seconds. It is free to scream!

Adventurer is loved in entire world as it takes you 30 meters height with 80 km speed in an hour. An exiciting tour waits you in the open air.

If you like fun with water, Viking, the 4th popular entertainment train in world will be your favorite. Adrenaline is at the top with a great fall from 15 meters in an unexpected moment.

Real adrenaline lovers turn their courage to fun in 360. How does İsfanbul look like from 28 meters height and reversely? You cannot know without trying it!

Crazy River
A crazy adventure in the middle of enthusiastic waterfall continues for 700 meters. An unforgettable adventure in boats for 9 people is in Crazy River.

Safari Tunnel
A dark adventure! 500 people will enter into the Safari Tunnel; however, the hero of this adventure is you. You will not only tour and see, you will also direct the story. Be prepared for the surprises appearing on your way!

Dungeon opens its doors to the challengers of the fear. Do you want to see what waits you in the depth of the tunnel and in dark corners?

Dream Screen
For the ones who want to be inside of a movie instead of only watching , 5D cinema is in İsfanbul. How much real it is, that much exciting it is!

Jet Ski
It is possible to Jet Ski in the middle of the city in İsfanbul. Kids, hold the steering wheel tight!

Young Explorer
All the kids of the world meet in İsfanbul and learn the world cultures both by seeing and touring them. The 160

Young Racers
First driving experience is never forgotten. If it is this much fun, it is never forgotten! A huge parkour any many toy cars are in Young Racers. The streeing wheel is controlled by the kids this time!

Come, Let’s Play
We did not forget to add a playground for all the kids in İsfanbul who play freely, socialize in creative park toys and create their own worlds.

Cheerful Farm
İsfanbul has a farm, the farm has a train! A train trip waits for the kids that can travel and learn farm life with happy chickens and happy cows. Choo choo!

Little Tower
“Little Tower” is on its duty for the kids who are not afraid of height! A high security, aq high tower and a high fun!

Hero Firefighters
We designed Hero Firefighters for the young heros, for the firefighters of the future so they can make their first practice in İsfanbul, and have fun a lot.

Young Miners
For the adventurers growing up from the core, a train highly secure and exciting enough: Young Miners!

Dream Machine
Kids enjoy the movies full of adventure with suitable actions for them instead of only watching them!

For the youngs who want to have a joyous trip in the fairy tale regions, carousel is big, colorful and very fun with capacity of 82 people and 15 meters width!

Bumper Cars
There is only one known rule for bumper cars: “Bumper cars are always fun!” Of course, there is always a place for real fun in İsfanbul.

Flying Kids
If the kids are ready for the flight, our planes are ready to departure. Our route is clouds!

İsfanbul Express
If you ready to tour over the world of the İsfanbul full of fun as exactly proper for this world, you will set out the most joyuous journey of your life.

The Tower of Justice
If you want to overview İsfanbul, you can take you place in the Tower of Justice and enjoy climbing up to 50 meters height.

Once Upon a Time İstanbul
As soon as you enter to this street, you will find yourself in houses of old İstanbul with bay windows and the shops with elegant architecture and you will have a magical trip to the past while enjoying unique tastes.

Fatih’s Dream
How wonderful would it be to witness the conquest of İstanbul? We shoudn’t say it, you can experience it. “You say “to 1453, please” and Fatih’s Dream takes you back to the day when İstanbul was conquested.

Swing of the Palace
This swing is a little different than the ones you know! It is a swing that carries the excitement to the top in the gardon of the Ottoman Palace with capacity of 40 people and circle with 20 meters diameter.