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Can we select the universited that our advertisements are broadcasted in?

The price for the standard commercial application is applicaple for the whole network. However, according to the content of the advertisement campaign, selection of the places that your advertisements will be broadcasted is provided for the different criterias such as university (private-public), province, items etc… However, application of each non-standard unit changes the price tariff.

The canteens are pretty crowded. How the voices of the commercials broadcasted from the plasmas can be heard in canteens?

For this, sound systems independent from plasma sound outputs are setted in each canteen. As kiosks also provide service as jukebox and the students select the musics broadcasted in canteen for a fee, it is obvious that heard of the music clearly for Enfotek is primary application.

For how long duration the spot advertisements are broadcasted in a day?

There are 30 advertorials in a day. In a standard application 15 commercials of an advertiser is broadcasted.

What is your minimum advertisement period (daily, weekly, monthly)?

The advertisements are broadcasted on Uniboards minimum weekly.

How can we use your screens for PR events?

It is possible to announce all your events, announcements in news form.

Do you have creative support for the advertisements broadcasted on Uniboards?

The advertisement contents broadcasted on Uniboards are prepared by advertisers. However, for some interactive applications with mobile base are supported within the cost of Enfotek.

Are the visuals on kiosk monitors the same as the visuals on plasma screens?

The visuals on plasma screens are transferred from kiosks and the kiosks monitors and screens broadcast the same visual. In other words, while students are checking their e-mails, plasmas show clip broadcasts or advertisements etc…

Can we make special applications?

Yes. Including the organization of broadcasting stream, enrichment with interactive applications, many unique applications can be provided via Uniboards. Your can visit our Sample Applications page for this.

Can you give services supporting advertisement clips such as product placement, stand settlement?

Yes. We can also provide applications in canteens supporting spot commercials such as stand, totem etc… according to the demands received from advertisers.

Is there always a broadcast on the screen? What do they broadcast when students do not select songs?

Yes. The screens are never empty. You can visit our Broadcasting Stream page for the details.

How do you do the computation?

Uniboards are only visual and voiced devies in the places where they broadcast. Thus, they cannot be zapped. The canteens give the approximate numbers of daily visitors and detection of these is based on observations and daily turnovers of canteen operators. Interactive applications can be seen immediately as online via the internet accounts by the advertisers.