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UNIBOARD provides video, voiced and interactive advertisement areas in university canteens.

Uniboards provide service to university students in 30 different universities with more than 250 screens and kiosks integrated with them. Uniboards give opportunity of reaching target group directly for advertisers that organize campaigns for the youth with this feature.

The total population of the universities that Uniboards provide service is 700.000 people. The number of daily student visitors in the universities that we provide service is 212.000.

Uniboard offers interactive commercial channels for the advertisers via the kiosks and plasma screens located in the canteens;

  • Video
  • Voiced (voice broadcast is made with professional vocalization via amphies and speakers)
  • Internet Access
  • Cameras
  • Opens to SMS, Bluetooth and Microsoft Tag applications.

Below contents are broadcasted in Uniboards:

  • Clips
  • News (Agreement with SkyTürk)
  • Announcements of university administration
  • Announcements of Student Clubs
  • Videos of Extreme Sports
  • Weather Forecast (Agreement with SkyTürk)
  • Advertisements

The clips broadcasted on the screens are requested by the students via the kiosks connected to Uniboards. The clips to be broadcasted in Uniboards are selected by the students.

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