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Uniboards are preferred by advertisers and agencies. Because:

  • The people broadcasted by Uniboard are definite and certain. They are university students in 18-25 age group.
  • Uniboards are watched by more than approximately 212.000 university students with interest. The population of university students in our network is approximately 700.000.
  • Uniboards are interesting. They are only video and voice channels of the areas they are located in.
  • They cannot be zapped.
  • They can be computed. All the advertisements, interactive applications, internet direction and participation to SMS campaigns can be followed online by advertisers and agencies.
  • Uniboards are unique channels that provide all the interactive applications with their visual, voiced, internet, SMS and Bluetooth based technology.
  • All kinds of creative campaigns can be organized by the Uniboards. Countless numbers of applications can be organized in addition to regular television advertisements, such as sliding bands, virtual commercial, interactive games over the screens, quiz programs that can be broadcasted over the screens with SMS base, campaigns with data input over the kiosks with Bluetooth base.
  • Advertisement applications are possible based on location, separated as private-public universities.