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Broadcasts on Uniboards start at 08:00 in the morning and continues earliest until 18.00 in the evening. This duration extends according to the working hours of the canteens. All the advertisements broadcasted during the day can be followed by the advertisers (in which school, when, what the durations of the broadcasted advertisements are, how many times the banners are clicked etc.)

They are broadcasted continuously. They contain current Turkish and foreign musics.

When a student selects a song, the song enters to the line. If the song has a clip, it is broadcasted. If the selected song do not have a clip (no clip is recorded, could not be provided etc.) the song is played, and visuals from the events of student clubs, extreme sports and funny videos are broadcasted.

The news contents are provided from SkyTürk and broadcasted in every 15 minutes. 3 news topics are shown for 45 seconds as each of them is 15 seconds.

Weather Forecasts
The weather forecast contents provided from SkyTürk are broadcasted in every 15 minutes. It is shown for 15 seconds specialized for each province.

Student, School Announcements
The announcements coming from clubs and published on school page are broadcasted in every 20 minutes. In one period, at most 4 of them are shown as 15 seconds each.

They are shown in every 20 minutes. It has priority over the other broadcasting types. At most, 30 advertorials are shown in a day