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You can find technical details to be used for screen and kiosks below.

Video (Spot) Advertisements - TV

Uniboard screens broadcast progressively with a 1280x720 resolution.

As format, the video coded with H264 into a MP4 file and voice coded with AAC is played. If requested, converting to mentioned formats can be made by us. In this case, to souce files should be sent in the least compressed format to obtain the highest voice and video quality.

Twitter Application - TV

As twitter application appears on Uniboard screens can be dressed, brand tweets approved by the moderation can also be broadcasted.

Twitter application dressing is made by us after the visual is sent after worked on the template.

Background picture of the application should run for the dressing. If there is visual requested to be placed on the tweet animation, foreground picture can also be designed as requested.

For broadcasting brand tweets, the requested output web service should be prepared in XML format and service address should be advised to us.

Virtual Advertisement - TV

The virtual advertisement appears during the music broadcast can be poped out from any requested place of the screen. The placement should be according to 1280 x 720 resoulution. According to this, for example, a virtual advertisement that will cover the bottom the screen can be in size of 1280 x 180 pixels.The visuals can be picture (JPEG or PNG) and Flash (SWF) files.

Advertisement in News Form - TV

The title of the news, details and the picture should be forwarded to us. The picture is placed on a 400 x 420 sized frame without distorting the ratio. The title and the detail should consist of 30 and 200 letters respectively.

Dressing Music Page - Kiosk

The size of the music page is 1280 x 792 pixels. The visuals in the page can be placed in different places and some functions (such as music selection screen, top10, credit status) can be changed according to the design.

The music page can be dressed after the visual forwarded to us which is worked on templates of Photoshop or Fireworks.

Some of the dressing samples can be accessed over here.

Access to Internet Page - Kiosk

The size of our kiosk screens is 17” (1280x1023), and the maximum width is 240 pixels and the maximum height is 120 pixels for the buttons necessary to reach advertisers’ internet pages. Our advice is, the buttons should be flash animated and moving to draw more interest.

A section is given below from a kiosk screen that shows the size and placement of the button below.

Facebook/Twitter Directing - Kiosk

It is enough for the brands to forward us Facebook and/or Tweeter address information to direct students to the pages.

Kiosk Outside Dressing - Kiosk

The kiosks are approximately 155 cm heigh, 60 cm wide and 50 cm deep. Please click for the Illustrator file in exact size to be worked on it. After the designed visuals are forwarded to us, necessary printing dressing works are made by us.