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Alkan Gündoğdu
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Rezervation Conditions
The definite reservation is valid with the signing of the agreement. The reservations can be cancelled 7 workdays before the put on day. 50% of the budget is invoiced if the reservation is cancelled 2-7 workdays before the put on day. The cancellation is not possible for closer dates. Options are valid until the last 3 weeks of put up date and guarantee cannot be given for definite campaigns after this date.

Printed advertisement materials should be sent as JPEG 2 days before the printing. CLP banner delivery day is until 12.00 on Monday. CLPs are put up on Mondays at 22.00. For the non-standard and creative applications in the campaign, a special approvel should be taken from Venezia Mega Outlet administration. Usage of papers produced for CLP, special matte glossy and 135 gr /m2 are advised for printing. The papers except these might wrinkle or tear during the put up. Any guarantee cannot be given in this condition. In case of tear or damage, the printing number of the CLPs should be 10% more than the necessary amount.

As there are special applications and sizes for our other advertisement products, stand, advertisers can get detailed information from sales representatives.