Digital Signage
Digital Signage
Digital Signage are visual systems that provides communication of cooperations between customers or employees, and all kind of visuals, videos, animation or interactive contents are broadcasted via the digital screens.The screens are setup to service and work points for internal communication of cooperation or to the places where the customers wanted to be touched and as they use the latest technology products and software, they are more interesting and efficient that traditional broadcasting methods.
Digital Signage can also be referred as cooperation TV and Telefun provides end to end solutions for the companies.
Cooperation TV System Setup and Management
Cooperation TV systems can be provided with many different hardware and software according to the necessities of the cooperation. Telefun shares its information accumulation to increase utilities of its customers in direction of application of the technologies which are the most suitable ones for the cooperation. Telefun provides turnkey service to cooperations for cooperation TV setup by defining, supplying the most suitable hardware and making necessary infrastructure works professionally.
The screens of cooperation TV systems which are the faces looking to the end users are consist of different technologies. Telefun prepares setup of cooperation TV systems by using several visual technologies such as industrial screens, video wall, LED screen, digital racket separately or integrated.
Management of the content with correct materials, methods and timing after the setup of the cooperation TV systems is very important. Telefun also overtakes management of the content of the system and technical maintenance.
Digital Signage Software (UBoard)
Telefun developed UBoard Digital Signage Software towards to the expectations of the customers and uses it in projects of cooperation TV systems. The system belongs to Telefun 100% and can be specialized according to the necessities of the projects. Uboard is especially very flexible for the application of dynamic contents and Telefun meets different communication necessities of cooperations with its software team with cooperation data and necessary integrations.
As UBoard infrastructure is IP based, it can be shown and managed in anywhere that have internet connection. The content planning and uploading is not necessary to be located in a defined point in the cooperation. Thereby, fast contect update can be provided as it is one of the most important topics in content management.